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Mugs of the Month

Click Here for Mug of the Month Competition Entry

"The MOM competition has fizzled out but we have left the competition images etc. live online as a lovely reference to some really brilliant images created by a wide range of Ladies and Gentlemen at different stages of this amazing hobby and of course equipment ~ many of how will look back retropectively with great fondness of what they achieved and how much they've progressed ~ we hope. :)

How to make your photos large, but keeping the KB low
Images from your mobile/digital camera are high resolution and usually a few megabytes in size and are too large, even for sending via email. This kind of resolution is needed for printing photos, but for displaying on a computer, a photo can be a lot smaller in kilobytes, yet it can still, fill the screen.

For example, nearly 3000 KB (3 MB) in size straight out of the Mobile (5184 x 3456 pixels), but after re-sizing it and compressing it, the size shrinks to just 72 KB (1024 x 906 pixels) and it's plenty big to nearly fill a computer screen. To get this job done,  highly recommend this free editing software: Paint.NET. With this program, go to the Image menu, then choose Resize. Select the size you want (such as 800 x 600). Then select Save As, choose JPEG format, and compress it about 50 to 70%.

Add your images here for MOTM.  

Depending on poor weather/seeing conditions the competition may run over to the following month.
Please read the full post.

To enter, please do the following:
a) Please add your entry for Mug of The Month by the last date of the competition in the comments below this pinned post; and also
b) add your entry on the StarTools website: To add your image (max size 5MB please, jpg, jpeg, png, gif only), once you are on the website, you will see a tab for Mug of The Month. Click on the tab and then click on the option 'MOM Upload' and you will be able to upload your image from there in the correct month's gallery.

The image submitted can be processed (using StarTools only) as many times as you wish, Cropping and file converting allowed in further software.
It is free to enter, provided you submit only one image per person.
If however, you wish to donate £1.00 you may do so which will allow you to upload a second image...
a 3rd image for a fee of £2.00. Max 3 images per member per competition.
Sponsorship is also available.
Should you wish to sponsor a month (person, group, blog, website etc) then please PM Admin - David Harvey, Nigel Gilchrist, or Stacey Downton. Estimated cost £6 per month.

It will not necessarily be the best image that wins, rather more the one that has shown the best use of Star Tools and your equipment.
The points system (shown below), an outside independent judge and members votes will choose the winning image.

Type of mount: Alt-AZ or Star Adventurer + 2.

EQ3 - EQ5 +1.

Advanced mount +0.

Type of Camera: DSLR +2.

OSC +1

Mono +0

Light pollution: City +2

Rural +1

Dark +0

Focal length: Greater than 750mm +2

500mm - 750mm +1

Less than 500mm +0

Data, total integration: Over 3 hours +3

2 to 3 hours +2

1 to 2 hours +1

Less than 1 hour +0

Along with these points and the group votes, there will be an independent outside judge giving points on 3 images they choose 3 - 2 & 1 points. Therefore The information required on an image must contain good details to the above - add to the description when uploading your images(s).
PLEASE NOTE IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ONLY STARTOOLS IS USED IN PROCESSING. Any image adding anything else will not be entered. Emphasis should be competitive fun, yet would keep it serious and encourage good processing development and achievement markers, showing what StarTools can do.

Good luck and clear skies, Astronomers!  David & Nigel.

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